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"The Italian baritone Giorgio Caoduro, last year’s excellent Rigoletto, is luxury casting as Marguerite’s brother Valentin and makes the third musketeer in an excitingly testosterone-fuelled trio of male soloists. Pitted against Fabiano and Tahu Rhodes he’s more than equal to the task. Avant de quitter ces lieux, a deceptively demanding showcase aria, is dispatched with relative ease and his death scene was a knockout, the line carried with great sensitivity and attention to dramatic detail."
Clive Paget - LimeLight Magazine - 18 february 2015
(Faust - Sydney)

"His harrowing, utterly compelling portrayal was one of Opera Australia’s most memorable performances of recent years."
"Il suo ritratto straziante ed estremamente convincente è una delle più memorabili esecuzioni degli ultimi anni presso Opera Australia"
Murray Black - The Australian (Rigoletto alla Sydney Opera House, giugno 2014)

The valet Dandini, Giorgio Caoduro, is the "king " of the evening in every sense of the word, brilliant, enjoyable, and vocalizing with natural ease, all amazing.
Gérard G. Léopold - La Théâtrothè - December 17, 2010
(La Cenerentola - Nice)

We are fortunate indeed to have been able to engage Giorgio
Caoduro to make his Company debut as Dulcamara. He has already built up a truly impressive list of
achievements in his young career, and I know that our audiences will welcome this exciting addition to our
Placido Domingo - news release - September 4, 2009
(L'elisir d'amore - Los Angeles Opera)

Young debut baritone Giorgio Caoduro (Belcore) is the real thing: strong, handsome, mobile, and endowed with a fabulous instrument. Ideally blustery and preposterously macho, he created an ideal cardboard soldier who is so full of himself he hasn't a clue. I took few notes on his performance because I was too busy marveling at it. I trust we will hear a lot more from him in coming seasons.
by Jason Victor Serinus - Bay Area Reporter
6 November 2008
(L'elisir d'amore - San Francisco Opera)

GIORGIO CAODURO is the studliest Italian baritone this side of Yountville. Mr. Caoduro (...)is himself an elixir d'amore. He is composer Gaetano Donizetti's idea of a baritone "the same strong, virile and vibrant sound he wants for Enrico in Lucia di Lammermoor (...)In his First Act cavatina, "Come Paride vezzoso", the comely sergeant explains his self-acceptance as the kind of soldier-type-guy women go mad for. Indubitably.
By Sean Martinfield - San Francisco
November 4, 2008
(L'elisir d'amore - San Francisco Opera)

Baritone Giorgio Caoduro was a vigorous and attractive Belcore.
By Joshua Kosman - San Francisco Chronicle October 31, 2008
(L'elisir d'amore - San Francisco Opera)

"The real discovery is Giorgio Caoduro, a 25-year-old Italian baritone whose firm, forward tone is allied to a natural exuberance. You'll not hear the role better sung anywhere."

By SCOTT CANTRELL / The Dallas Morning News 2 december 2006 (Il Barbiere di Siviglia)

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